Wow. This totally feels like an awkward “break the ice” exercise where we have to talk for a full 30 seconds. Here goes!

We love a good bottle of wine (usually red), sampling local restaurants (please tell us your favorites!) and cooking at home. We L O V E to travel so if you’re planning a destination wedding count us in. We decided to buy and restore a vintage camping trailer, which will become our luxury suite on wheels and allow us to spend some time getting to know the States a bit better. That project got overshadowed (and put on hold) when we bought a mid century firehouse that we’re renovating into our studio and home. We blog about it over at A Fire Pole in the Dining Room.

When we’re not shooting (pictures) or pursuing one of the aforementioned hobbies, we’re most likely visiting an antique mall in search of mid century modern gems or poking around old buildings in the city.

So, that’s a little about us. We’d love to hear a little about you so drop us an email or give us a call.

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