Profile: Ryan Main / and the You sessionMarch 24, 2009

Nothing like coming back with a bang! This is going to be one long awesome post so enjoy.


I’ve been excited to post this session for a while now. Ryan is an old friend from High School. Believe it or not we actually had music classes together back in the day ( I know it’s hard to believe). Ryan has turned his love of music into a successful composition career in Baltimore, even being featured in the KC Star a couple years ago. So needless to say when he called and wanted me to help with some great profile imagery for his new website I got pretty excited.


Honestly I’m just glad he loves the result and I could be a small help with his wonderful music. Be sure to go check out some of his work and site at





You may have gotten an email a couple weeks ago announcing the launch of our new session, <the You session>. We still have a few slots for our release discount. The details are below:



Writers, artists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, musicians, mechanics, lawyers, accountants, anyone who works with people: You and your employees are the face of your company. What do your profile pictures say about you?
Today a personal connection is an invaluable tool in reaching your clientele. There is simply no better way to establish an immediate connection than through imagery.
So what are you waiting for! We are happy to announce the release of <the You session> specially targeted for the unique business/creative professional.
The Session:
– a brainstorming/planning session (we get to know you, you get to know us, and together we come up with some great ideas to highlight what you’re all about)
– CD with at least 20 finished images and copyright release
– a feature on our blog with links and info about your business
The standard rate for this session is $500, but to celebrate it’s release we’re offering it to the first 5 takers for $400.

Q: I hate having my picture taken, do I really need to do this?
A: Absolutely! Your clients still want to see the real you. Besides, our shoots are completely relaxed and natural. I promise you’ll have fun!
Q: How long do we shoot for?
A: It just depends on you. I don’t like to worry about time too much, some people only need an hour for a great portfolio and some need 4 hours. We’ll figure out an approximation at the planning session but we’ll shoot until we’re happy -usually between 2 and 3 hours.
Q: What should I wear?
A: What are you wearing today? That’s probably a good place to start. Anything that looks like you or what you want to be will work. I’ll give you plenty of ideas in the planning session but nothing crazy. If you’re a construction worker there is probably no reason to wear a tux.
Q: Only 20 finished pictures? Is that all you shoot?
A: Not even close! I shoot tons but how many do you actually need to display? The 20 are the best that have been fully retouched. We’ll put the rest online for you to sort through, if I missed one of your favorites we can retouch it for an additional fee.
Q: How exactly can I use these images?
A: On everything! Well maybe not quite. They’re perfect for websites, marketing materials, presentations, or hung in the office.
Q: My office has a lot of employees, can I do this for everyone?
A: Yes, and you probably should. We offer case-by-case pricing for offices with multiple employees, just ask for pricing. We also offer creative group shots. In fact, does your office have a lot of foot traffic? Ask about our marketing partnerships and get the shoot for free!

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