Don’t get us started on our photography philosophy. We could talk for days. Since you probably have a life outside of looking for a photographer, we’ll keep it brief.

We are firm believers in the fact that you should be able to see yourself in your pictures. That starts with getting to know you and helping you relax in front of the camera. (The engagement session is great for both of these.)

It also sets our style, which is mostly photo journalism with a good dose of creative shooting. The photo journalism piece allows us to capture real moments as your day unfolds. During the creative time, we frame up each shot (notice we didn’t say pose) by looking for an outstanding backdrop or intimate scene. Then we let you focus on the love of your life and your wedding party. It’s easy and it’s lots of fun. Plus it leads to amazing images!

We top it all of with our unique editing that gives the images the rich depth of film. It’s an important part of the process and where we spend the most time outside the wedding day.

We could go on (and on) so shoot us an email when you’re to hear more.